Join us to ensure people have access to certified tax preparation and the confidence that their taxes get done right—for free.

Let’s see if you are a Tax Time Ally?

Do you promote / offer the following resources in your community?

  • IRS-sponsored free tax preparation resources (VITA, TCE and/or IRS Free File)
  • Programs where someone could safely save at least a portion of their refund and build savings throughout the year


If you answered, Yes – You are a Tax Time Ally!

Thank you so much for the great work you are doing to connect people to programs and services that help them save more at tax time and beyond! You rock.

Tax Time Allies isn’t anything new – it’s a way for us to acknowledge the work you have been doing all along. And it helps people who need help identify that you are a trusted resource.

Since you are busy helping others, let us help you. We can send you more information about how you can be recognized as a Tax Time Ally in your community. We’ll also add your organization to our ever-growing list of Tax Time Allies and possibly highlight the work you are doing via social media and/or in our newsletter, the Tax Time Tribune.

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